Echoes of Accountability: Apocalyptic Shopping and Other Stressors, or Why I Got Nothing Written This Week

Cue that one REM song...

What a week, huh?

I’m not going to belabor the point that it was a stressful week because it’s been stressful for all of us. Does anyone even remember by this point that it started out with our clocks springing forward? It feels like this week has lasted the entire month of March.

I don’t have word stats for you this week because hardly any words got written (on the novel, anyway — all of the necessary words got written for the dayjob). I had a plan for this week that was going to result in about 10,000 words added to the novel but that plan got derailed immediately by Daylight Savings Time and things just kept going south from there.

On Tuesday, we made our monthly trek into town for groceries, and everything was calm and sane and business as usual and there was plenty of toilet paper and water on the shelves. And then Thursday happened, and we decided maybe we should make another trip to town to make sure we’ve got everything we need to hunker down here for a while. Which we did Friday. Same town, same stores, only three days later, and this time everything was kind of apocalyptic.

Thankfully, we’ve been stocking up on TP and bottled water since before it was cool.

After that, I needed to come home and just take the rest of the day to sip immunity tea and process everything, which is why you’re getting this on Saturday, and also why there’s no mini-cast to go with it.

I’m taking the weekend to tune out the news and social media and try to get a proper sense of perspective on everything so that hopefully I can have a sense of normalcy restored and get back to business and writing as usual come Monday. I hope you can do the same. Meanwhile, here are a few momentary distractions to help take your mind off all of [*gestures vaguely at the state of the world*].

Y’all stay safe out there,

This dog failed every service dog test thrown at him and he couldn’t be having more fun.

National park posters based off their worst Yelp reviews (click through for the whole thread — there are more):

Here’s a list of 100 movies you can stream online for free—and where to find them.

And finally, in the interest of getting some reviews going for Deliverance of the Damned, I made some free review copies available on Booksprout. You can grab one here.