Echoes in the Dark is Fading Into Darkness

Absolutely zero April Fool's Day antics inside, because who has the energy for that?

Happy April, Echolettes!

Or if not exactly happy, I hope this finds you doing well, under the circumstances.

This is the last time you'll have to suffer my use of the Echolettes moniker, at least. That’s because this is the last monthly issue of Echoes in the Dark. And I just now realized what date I’m sending this out on and so now I need to tell you that this is not an April Fools’ joke.

To be sure, I’m not killing the newsletter. I’m just not going to do this big, long, monthly issue anymore, but instead stick to the shorter weekly updates I’ve been sending, which you all seem to like better anyway. I already mentioned in the Friday missives that this would be happening. This particular letter is mostly for the benefit of anyone who reads these monthly tomes while skipping the weeklies, so that you’ll know what’s up.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Echoes in the Dark is effectively canceled.

  • The weekly updates will continue under new branding and a new name, to be revealed this Friday.

  • I’ll continue to include a short podcast in the weekly letters.

  • If you don’t want to receive weekly updates but still want to be on my list for new releases and other big announcements, just unsubscribe from this e-mail or any of the Friday e-mails that come from Substack. You’ll still be on my Mailchimp list, which is what I’ll use to send out major announcements.

In case you’ve been skipping the podcasts, that’s where I’m getting into the nitty-gritty of my writing process and what I’m working on. Last week I talked about the some of the struggles I’ve been having as an indie author and some of the steps I’ll be taking to address them. This week I’ll be talking about an epiphany I had recently about what I’ve been doing wrong and how I plan to correct my course. So look for that on Friday.

I’m going to cut this short so I’ll still have words to say come Friday, but first I want to thank everyone who has responded so far to the question I sent out yesteray. ICYMI, I’m asking everyone who’s read Dominion and Deliverance to weigh in on whether you see this series as a zombie apocalypse with vampires or as a vampire thriller with zombies. So far the answers almost unanimously favor the latter, which is eye-opening, and extremely helpful to know. If you’d like to weigh in with your opinion on the matter, just click through to leave a comment or reply to this e-mail to tell me your thoughts directly.

I will leave you now with this dog who loves to pet the other dogs at her daycare (click through to see her in action):

This is Ruby. She likes to pet the other dogs at daycare. 14/10 extremely relatable
(follow @thedenburlington, courtesy @alanahlorraine)
March 31, 2020

Wishing you all health, safety and sanity!

‘Til Friday,
Jean ♥