Echoes of Accountability: Progress and an Open Thread

Sorry I’m a day late! I know you were all waiting with bated breath to learn how much I got written this week and not at all indifferent to my writing process or progress. Well, here I am at last with this week’s report.

In all seriousness, I had to look up “waiting with bated breath” just now because 1) I wasn’t sure it wasn’t “baited breath” and 2) I realized I had no idea what that phrase actually meant. Turns out it is bated, which is short for abated, as in your breath is abated because you’re breathless from anticipation and exitement.

Now that the English lesson is out of the way, here’s how the novel writing went this week:

Monday: 571 words in the morning, 799 in the evening, for a total of 1,370.

Tuesday: I spent the morning session outlining the next several scenes, then added 531 new words in the afternoon.

Wednesday: 661 words in the morning. In the evening I edited and ran out of time before adding new words.

Thursday: 961 words. Again, I edited in the evening and didn’t have time for more writing.

Friday: I woke up at 3:00 that morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Since I’m not good for much if I don’t get adequate sleep, I decided to make Friday my day of sabbath rest instead of Saturday, which is why you didn’t get this note until today.

Saturday: 843 words this morning. I might add more later. We’ll see. I also had to finish up a freelance article this morning, so I’m pretty written out for today.

Total for the week: 4,366

Total words of Desolation so far: 30,108

How this new method is going: So far, I’m liking the changes I made to my process. The writing is going a little slower, but not by much. I’m enjoying it a lot more as I take it slowly and consider my words as I go, and revising what I’ve written in the evenings is working out great. It’s still early days yet but I’m pretty sure my fast-drafting days are behind me.

Friday Funsies

I’m abandoning One Cool Thing. It’s too much pressure to find something y’all will think is cool when I’ve mostly got my head buried word sand all week, and with a couple of exceptions you guys didn’t seem to be into it anyway. So instead I’ll simply share something fun or funny from my week.

This week it’s this tweet. I’m True Neutral, by the way, unless I can’t find my bookmark, and then I revert to Chaotic Good.

Open Thread and a Question

I’m ending this week with an invitation to join an open discussion thread. You can tell me your alignment based on the chart above if you’d like, but I’d love it if these threads would make it possible for me to know you better. Y’all know so much about me and my life, but I barely even know who I’m talking to each week.

So if you’re willing, what’s one thing you’d like me to know about you?

Okay, that’s it for this week. I’m going to have lunch and let the rest of this day be a normal Saturday, which probably means reading and knitting and catching up on podcasts. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’ll catch you back here next week!

Until then,