Echoes of Accountability: Switching Gears and Pulling Ahead

Happy Friday, Echolettes!

I said these Friday updates would be short, but I didn’t stick to that so well last week. I’ll try to do better. With that in mind, onward to this week’s progress report!

On Sunday I spent 20 minutes writing 501 new words on Desolation of the Damned. This is notable because I’ve always had a strict “no writing on weekends” policy to keep my brain from frying from having to come up with too many words during the week. But for the sake of consistency, and also to remind myself that this is also something I do because I enjoy it, I decided I can handle 15 to 20 minutes on Sunday (Saturday remains a day off from all kinds of work).

Then on Monday, I switched gears. I had always intended that when I got to this novel, I would edit it as I go, but then on a whim I decided to start it during Nanowrimo, which doesn’t leave any space for editing (and in fact actively discourages it).

But, with over 25,000 words and a solid grasp of where this story is going, I decided to backtrack and edit what I’ve got so far. I’ve spent at least half an hour each day this week on edits, starting from Chapter One (which was a big one), and by now I’m through the first scene of Chapter 2. I’ve still got to do today’s edits, and I’m hoping to get through the rest of the chapter.

Once I get caught up, I’ll edit as I go, as originally planned. This means it’s going to take me longer to finish this manuscript, but it will mean LESS time getting it ready overall, because there won’t be multiple drafts or passes — other than proofreading, once I get to the end it will be DONE.

At least, that’s the plan.

After the way it took me so long to get through edits on Book 2, due mainly to just feeling overwhelmed and procrastinating on it far too long, I think this way will work better, and get this book into your hands much sooner.

I’ll keep you posted!

Until next week,

What’s One Cool Thing from Your Week?

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