Cover Reveal! Also, Echoes of Accountability is now Writing My Novel.


Hey gang!

Apologies for coming at you a day late. Thank the combo of rain and satellite internet.

So here I am, fresh off my announcement that my monthly letter, Echoes in the Dark, is cancelled, with a change in title for my weekly update.

I hope this isn’t too many changes coming at you all at once. I’m talking about the whys and wherefores of all these changes in this week’s mini-podcast.

For those who’d rather skip the audio, I actually worked on my novel this week! I managed close to 2,000 words over the course of two days. Which, after two solid weeks of not being able to get my head in the right space for this book, I consider a major victory.

The other thing that kept me busy this week (besides spring cleaning and yard work) is overhauling the Dominion series and rethinking everything I thought I knew about book marketing.

Your responses to my question this week about how you perceive this series were extremely enlightening and helpful. It turns out that what I have been marketing this whole time as a zombie apocalypse is in fact a vampire thriller. This is why feedback is so important— we authors are too close to our work to see it clearly for what it is.

So, back to the drawing board. The series is getting a total re-branding, with new covers, new titles, new blurbs, a new target audience — everything is changing except the books themselves. And here, for your eyes only, is the first look at the new covers with their new titles:

I’m holding onto Book Three to reveal when it’s ready for pre-order, which will be happening soon.

And yes, astute readers might have noticed that the working title for my current WIP is now serving as the actual title for Book One, and Dominion of the Damned is now the series title. Book Three’s new title is mentioned in the pocast. These new titles are a better fit for the story arc than what I had before.

I’ll be rolling out these changes on Amazon next week, and will be running a promotion on Book One to give it a visibility boost and establish it in its new categories. So if you’ve been holding out on reading that because zombies aren’t really your thing, next week’s a great time to give it a second look.

And I just realized that my birthday is Monday and I have a tradition of making a book free for my birthday, so that timing works out pretty great.

Until next week, I hope you stay healthy and safe and that you don’t have to celebrate your birthday in the midst of a weird pandemic.

Jean ♥

Friday Distractions

Drew and Ellie Holcombe have been doing nightly concerts in their kitchen, and this Johnny & June cover is the cutest thing they’ve ever done:

Yes we have a large painting of @johnnycash and @junecartercash in our kitchen. Yes we love their music. Yes, a LOT of you have requested we do one of their songs. This is not the most famous, but it's my favorite. It is the two of them at their most playful and confident. We love singing this one, and I hope it brings a smile to your face. #kitchencovers
March 28, 2020

I haven’t yet watched this indie-produced miniseries dramatizing the ministry of Christ (I’ll probably binge it over the weekend), but if this trailer’s anything to go by, it looks really well done, and might be something you’d enjoy in the lead-up to Easter Sunday.