Writing My Novel: Writing Momentum and Other Authorly Accomplishments


Hello, Book Friends!

As we lean into the weekend (are we still marking weekends?) I’m celebrating an upswing in writing productivity! This week I managed to show up to my novel four out of five weekdays, and on those four days I got a respectable amount of writing done, including outlining the rest of the book and finishing a chapter I started weeks ago.

For those keeping track and keeping me accountable, that brings the total manuscript word count so far to 49,003. Now here’s hoping I can keep this new momentum going next week.

I hope you enjoy this week’s mini-cast. Here’s a quick peek at what’s covered:

  • Hard is hard. If you’re struggling, don’t compare your hard to other people’s.

  • A more detailed word count update

  • I also redid my author website and revived my Facebook page

  • Why it’s a terrible time to be a traditionally published author, but a good time to be indie

  • My plan to dip my toe into paid advertising

  • Book deals!

And here are links to the deals I mention in the podcast:

My novel-writing goal for next week is to just keep the momentum going. Not setting word count goals or quotas seems to be working for now to keep me showing up, so I’m going to keep running with that.

Do you have any plans to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this week? We usually mix a batch of margaritas, make a big plate of nachos and watch Treasure of the Sierra Madre, but we’ll be playing it by ear this week since it’s on a weeknight. But in case you want to celebrate at home, here’s our favorite margarita recipe:

1 half-pint of tequila

1 can of 7-up or Sprite

1 can or bottle of Mexican beer (i.e. Corona or Modelo)

1 can frozen lime juice or lime-aid

Pour everything into a large pitcher and stir. Salt is optional

If you mix up a batch and enjoy it, be sure to let me know!

Until next week,
Jean ♥

Weekend Distractions

This twitter thread about cat breeds is the truest thing ever (click through for the whole thread and responses. Warning: contains language that’s not safe for Jean’s mom). For the record, ours spent a week casing our house before flirting her way inside, and her breed is Sassy Back-talker.

This Natalie Grant cover of Never Enough from Greatest Showman has revealed that I’m still nowhere near being tired of this song.